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space_vis_logo FAIR Space Data Management and Visualization

The Space-Vis services are tailored for FAIR Space Data Management and Visualization. The services provide an advanced operational solution for data management and visualization of astrophysics and planetary FAIR data based on widespread and popular tools like ViaLactea, ADN and ADAM.

ViaLactea Service

The ViaLactea Service is aimed at exploiting astrophysical surveys of the Galactic Plane to study the star formation process of the Milky Way. The ViaLactea Visual Analytic (VLVA) tool combines different types of visualization to perform the analysis exploring the correlation between different data, for example 2D intensity images with 3D molecular spectral cubes. All underlying data are managed in the ViaLactea Knowledge Base (VLKB). The VLKB includes 2D and 3D (velocity cubes) surveys, numerical model outputs, point-like and diffuse object catalogues and allows for retrival of all the avaiable datasets as well as cutouts on the positional and/or velocity axis.
The ViaLactea Service is provided by INAF-Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica, see its Terms of use and Privacy Policy.

Astra Data Navigator

The Astra Data Navigator (ADN) is a Virtual Reality environment built within the Unity game engine for visualizing large stellar catalogues. The NEANIAS ADN accesses cloud services to support interactive data exploration and navigation mechanisms. e.g. for advanced comparisons in multidimensional and multifrequency datasets.
The ADN Service is provided by ALTEC, see its Terms of use and Privacy Policy


The Advanced geospatial Data Management platform (ADAM) accesses a large variety and volume of global environmental data. ADAM allows extracting global as well as local data, from the past, current time, as well as short term forecast and long-term projections. Most of the data are updated daily to allow users having always the most recent data to play with. Within NEANIAS, ADAM is being customized to access planetary data.
The ADAM-Space Service is provided by JACOBS and MEEO

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