Atmospheric Underwater Space


space_mos_logo Map Making and Mosaicing Space Images

The Space-Mos service provides functionalities for making high quality images from the raw data captured by instruments (map making) and for assembling those images into custom mosaics (mosaicing).

Astro Map Merging Service

The Map Merging service is using Montage and is integrated on the ViaLactea Knowledge Base (VLKB) to merge adjacent datasets. Additionally, a tool will be available to extract cutouts from astronomical FITS images and, optionally, make them directly comparable for scientific purposes. The Astro Map Merging Service is provided by INAF-Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica

ADAM-Space DPS Service

The ADAM-Space Data Processing System (DPS) Service allows at integrating data processing pipelines in ADAM. Among all management functionalities, DPS aims at performing pipelines configuration and jobs management and is employing ISIS3 tools for planetary data analysis and ASP for producing cartographic products such a Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and 3D models from stereo imagery. The ADAM-Space DPS Service is provided by MEEO and JACOBS

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