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NEANIAS SPACE Thematic Services

The NEANIAS WP4 “Space Research Services” is focused on the co-design of three innovative services in the Space environment for user-communities for Research and Development (R&D). The services deliver a springboard of tools to enrich the workflows of a wide range of targeted users from academic/research institutions to industrial stakeholders, e.g. aerospace engineering and related technology companies, but also national space agencies and public outreach bodies, e.g. space museums and planetariums. The first set of services, SPACE-VIS, provide the required missing functionalities that enable efficient and scalable visual discovery, exposed through advanced interaction paradigms also exploiting virtual/augmented reality. The second set of services, SPACE-MOS, deliver multi-dimensional space maps through novel mosaicking techniques (i.e. stitching of multidimensional images/maps with overlapping fields of view) to a variety of prospective users/customers (e.g., mining & robotic engineers, mobile telecommunications, space scientists). Finally, the SPACE-ML services deliver structure detection capabilities addressing the researchers needs to identify and classify, in an efficient way, specific structures of interest.
Please consider acknowledging the NEANIAS project if you use the results of thess services in any paper or communication: NEANIAS is funded by European Union under Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme via grant agreement No. 863448.

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